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About Fore Drams

A Scottish Whisky Tasting Experience Designed for Small Gatherings

Customization Available for Large Groups (Please Inquire)

BeFORE you “knock it back”, take a minute to think about the years of energy, time, resources, artisan care and history that went into that wee dram of beautiful, amber liquid. 

Fore Drams intends to expand your appreciation of whisky. The “fore” to the dram, quite literally by experiencing four drams of Scotch we will walk you through this taste bud cultivation and emotionally-satisfying experience. 

We are a small, dedicated, professional team, passionate about all things Scottish. Our full-service experience is designed to allow hosts and their guests to enjoy a few relaxing and fun hours to be led through a wee mix of Scottish heritage, history and of course, a simple, yet classy way grow in their appreciation of Scotch Whisky.

Fore Drams Whisky Tasting Experience Designed to Cater to 8-10 Guests and Includes:

  • Set Up 45 Minutes Prior to Event [3 Event Staff, including: Emcee, Piper and Server]

  • A Highland Bagpiper to Welcome Arriving Guests (15 minutes outside front entrance of venue)

  • Welcome and Mingling (15 minutes while gusts arrive)

  • Official Welcome and Introductions by Whisky Tasting Emcee (5 minutes)

  • Piping in the Whisky & Gaelic Toast (5 minutes)

  • Brief Overview of Scottish Whisky - How its made, regions produced, flavor profiles (10 Minutes)

  • Invitation for Guests to Taste, Enjoy Starters (Scottish for appetizers) and Mingle at Leisure (40-45 minutes)

  • Revelation of the Tasting  and Unmasking the Whisky (prize awarded to tasting winner) (10) 

  • Conclusion of Tasting (event turned over to host for remaining event activities, socialization or libations; provided by host) (5 minutes)

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