Grateful Reflections

It's been a while since I had a chance to write. We relocated this summer after a lot of decisions. Still in Houston, but different area.

That took me away from solo competitions as we get settled and had summer holiday travels.

The bright side, it left me with a restorative break from heavy competition music, and instead. back to the practice chanter for easy quick practice, that's explorative in nature of new, fun, event more technical tunes that let me dabble.

Also, I have had the flexibility and fortuitous nature of playing several gigs of varying natures - from birthday celebrations to remembrance services. In the midst of those gigs I'm reminded about how much I enjoy sharing the pipes with others who appreciate them. Talking about their origin, how I came to play and how these things work! I also love hearing the connection others have to the pipes too. I'm grateful for connections albeit short and sweet that this lovely hobby weaves into my life.

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