First Solo Contest Complete for 2021 Season

Some times less is more. I really want to get my piobaireachd where it needs to be. It's not really something I've give much focus to over the years, but in the last two I've tried to get it up to speed. One of the main reasons I didn't go for the upgrade last year. It's not something I really ever learned when I was learning the pipes back in the 90s, so instead of debuting all my new light music for this contest, I decided, let's try to just get several good recordings of your the Ceol Mor and actually see how we do. Less tunes to record, more energy put into the piobaireachd.

Memorization is my vice. By only focusing on this for a solid three weeks on the pipes, it finally sunk in and I was focused on the phrasing, musicality, execution of the embellishments fully. Submitted yesterday. Results I think either this weekend or next after adjudicators take a look. Let's hope for some good comments at the very least. Next competition is Charleston March 5. I'll be finishing up memorizing all of my new tunes and continuing to hone on the pipes until then. The photo is from Saturday night after a great recording I had a wee dram outside in the cool weather by the fire table.

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