Glenfiddich, Gandy & Grit

As a grade 2 player, so interesting to see the inner workings and preparations of the top pipers. Yesterday I stumbled upon Bruce Gandy's Road To Glenfiddich Piping Championships YouTube series. It was really inspiring and I eagerly bought his new book about taking your performance up a notch. Coming in the mail soon! Turns out so much of doing well in contests or performances is about the grit that goes into the preparation, down to daily hand/finger stretches! Shows you the more you put in, the more you'll get out of your playing through well rounded preparation, including the mental prep.

Meanwhile, I received first results from Charleston from last weekend - earning a 2nd in the H/J with lovely comments from the judge. If you're ever curious to read, send me an email and I can post what they look like.

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