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Preparing for 2021 Solo Season

With inspiration from BBC Pipeline's Glenfiddich episode and listening to so many hard working top players perform with such precision, I started putting together my solo tune selections for 2021. It's been fun combing through different tunes and deciding which one fits. I'm hoping to do a 6-part 2/4 this time - thinking currently Balmoral Highlanders and possibly Highland Wedding, two tunes for which I'd like to receive feedback.

I also made a chart per Mr. Gandy's book/recommendations in making sure I have well rounded and planned practice sessions. I love playing through tunes on the chanter, but I tend to do this too long for too many practices calling it practice, when it's really not. It's fun. So, I make slower progress on memorization, etc. This time will make selections and then focus on more mindful practices getting into the brain and on the pipes more quickly, while drilling down on any particular bars that need specific attention before it becomes an issue on the pipes.

I have another lesson with Nick Hudson in December and I'm hoping to make it count as I have lots of things to cover and only 1 hour to do so!

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