Received: Tune Selections for Charleston Scottish Games!

Just received the tune selections from the judges for Charleston Scottish Games which I will be recording starting tomorrow and they finally picked Kathleen Gillies, one of my new favorite strathspeys.

I'm trying to decide if I can manage another solo competition this season given all the other demands

currently on our family's life in this ever-changing Covid-19 world. I would have love to gone in person to Louisiana's Battle on the Bayou in November this year, but it is also virtual. I think about Louisiana so much given the soon-to-be THREE impactful hurricanes they've seen this season. We were Hurricane Harvey victims ourselves, so I cannot imagine the profound yoke of inconvenience, stress and heartache three storms would bring.

Well, short and sweet, but that's all for now. Goodluck to all the competitors this weekend. Play well and as they say, enjoy your piping.

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