Results from Scotland Country Highland Games!

After a long competitive season, one good thing 2020 has brought is access to more solo piping contests through virtual highland games. I would never have been able to travel to more than 7 competitions throughout the USA, but Corona has forced us to socially distance and thanks to volunteers who usually run these solo competitions, they've put many logistical man hours into setting up virtual competitive options for us to continue to grow from adjudicator feedback.

Scotland Country Highland Games released the solo piping results for Grade 2 today and I was able to claim a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in my events indicating lots of hard work paying off to be consistently at the top out of a long list of players. Growth! Progress! Many long hours practicing and competing all worthwhile to read the comments about where to tweak and where to celebrate. More work to be done with the memory banks in my piobairechd, but I just love the depth of meaning for this type of piping music regardless. Something I wasn't really trained on early on in my piping career, but have come to love and respect. Particularly helpful in times of stress when you can just dive into an extreme mindfulness activity for 12+minutes.

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