Samhain (a Gaelic word pronounced “sow-win”)

Had such a nice Halloween this weekend in Houston, Texas. Mainly because I got all my recordings done early and could enjoy the day with my kids and family. We played it safe. Sat up at the porch, had a table with candy at the bottom.

Two other points from the weekend - listened to BBC Pipeline's most recent episode that played a bunch of unique tunes related to the holiday. It was really fun and if you're looking for good piping, Tune In (app) BBC Pipeline has it waiting for you.

Meanwhile, trying to win this contest for a 3-night stay in Tiree. I played Captain Lachlan McPhail of Tiree this weekend as my reel in the S/R and thought it was the most relaxed attempt yet. It's a lovely tune, and paired it with Kathleen Gillies which I hope the judges liked. TBD! We're headed to Scotland this summer again and looking forward to yes, some Scottish surfing in Tiree, nicknamed The Hawaii of the North.

If you're so inclined to help us, please vote on our border collie photo (due by Nov. 8):

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