What is it about a cuppa?!

Tea has been around for centuries -- for a reason. It is such a lovely ritual to calm, center, heal. Today I started my recordings for Charleston but always like to warm up with some practice chanter work. Today I decided to have my cuppa in my late-Granny's tea cup I brought over from Scotland. I really made an effort to literally do nothing else except enjoy, sip, relax into the little break before heavy concentration started.

I also noticed the progress made from beginning of the season until now. After my first few recordings, which were happily done in one take (as they would be in competition, right!) I realized I had so much less stress and enjoyed playing for the judges. What a barometer. When you put the work in, you really do get way more out of it.

Today I'll be recording the rest of my tunes on my son's virtual classroom break. Looking forward to playing Kathleen Gillies, which was finally chosen. Hopefully they like it.

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